Lots of folk ask us for copies of our lyrics, so rather than spend hours of your time writing them down, here they are as Microsoft Word files. Just click on the song titles to download them. (There are no lyrics for the instrumentals!)

Gran Time Comin

1 I Don't Want to Get Adjusted / What A Man
2 My Sins are A Awa
3 Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
4 Gran Time Comin
5 Calling You
6 I Am The Door
7 A Joy that Turn't My Hairt Frae Stane
8 Did Christ O'Er Sinners Weep?
9 My Lord Keeps A Record
10 Everlasting Joy
11 My Ain Countrie
12 I Saw The Light
13 Scotland (instrumental)
14 What A Friend We Have In Jesus / The Sash
15 Ballyobegan Swarry (instrumental)
16 Fu An Skailin
17 Hills of Carrowdore (instrumental)
18 Nashville Skyline (instrumental)

Sangs O Bairns An Hame
(an a Wheen aboot Drink Forbye)
Volume One / Nummer Yin

1 The Great Atomic Power
2 Jesus Kens It A
3 A Ma Hope (Nane Like Jesus)
4 Come Awa the Noo My Freens
5 Three in Yin an Yin in Three
6 Come Awa the Noo
7 Walking in the King's Highway
8 Climb Climb Up Sunshine Mountain
9 Beautiful Golden Somewhere
10 I'll Fly Away
11 If You See My Saviour
12 Hallelujah I'm Ready to Go
13 The Hallelujah Man
14 It's G.LO.R.Y. to know I'm S.A.V.E.D.
15 Jim and Me
16 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
17 Reddin Up the Yaird (instrumental)
18 Jesus Is My Hairt's Fond Love / Yer Faither