West Church Bangor !

A full house today!

This morning   ….  Hope to see you all again … soon!

Cafe Church ~ Bangor Sun. 19th Jan 2014 with Low country boys


Church, but not as you know it.

On Sunday, 8th January, 2012 we started an exciting new venture here in West, #cafechurch!

It’s designed as an outreach for those who have either no Church connection, or are disillusioned with traditional expressions of Church. Given the success of interaction during the Alpha Course, living in a café culture as we do, and surrounded by so much technology, we felt led to pioneer this new style of worship.

What does a typical ‘service’ look like?

  • 11.30am: Welcome team at the front and side doors directing people towards the coffee area and giving them a welcome leaflet explaining the service. This leaflet should also have a site map with crèche, toilets, emergency points etc clearly marked (for a visitor it is easy to get lost in West church)!
  • 11.30am: Live background music coming for the ‘Café Church’ area.
  • 11.43am: Informal welcome to everyone in the café area informing them that both services are about to start.
  • 11.45am: Introduction, media announcements and video clips that reflect the talk
  • 11.55am: Performance led music from the front and interview
  • 12.10pm: Coffee top-up
  • 12.25pm: Talk
  • 12.40pm: Closing song encouraging corporate worship
  • 12.45pm: Close, offering and prayer ministry every week