Magherafelt Town Centre / Angus Buchan

How it started & finished

some of the helpers

street advert

It was warm enough for shorts

Folk / Town Centre

Johann Muller

The man Himself on the left & team

The two nights at Magherafelt Town Centre ! ~ my wife & self and approx. 100 others helped out with stewarding duties at the event … the weather was ideal both nights it was a great experience! .. shops remained open & even sold Angus Burgers ! ! Click on a photo to enlarge

Angus Buchan @ Magherafelt

Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan a south African farmer/ evangelist will be Speaking in Magherafelt Town Centre on the 12th. & 13th. of June 2014 @ 7.30 pm.  He  has an amazing story to tell. Watch . Stewards are needed for car parking and crowd control so if you could help out  contact some of the folk  as soon as possible click this link to make contact. .