About Ivan


Occupation ~ farmer,

Location ~ Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Hello There ! …  I and my wife farm a few acres of land in the Ards. Peninsula Co. Down N.Ireland  I also play in a three piece Bluegrass Gospel band called Low Country Boys (wee through the keyhole look at a practice

   we travel around wherever the wind blows us which is nowhere at the minute due to Covid !  so I am just adjusting this site to suit the covid situation, have just releases a blog series called Sheep on a shoestring!  featuring our little flock of sheep at Glastry and have published a music video called, The Shepherd  https://youtu.be/QHAKpizs15k featuring our little flock!  … I hope to do a few video’s on folk & stories from the local area  and forgotten things, The Blackstaff River and it’s floodplain , smuggling, days seafaring folk from Portaferry in the 1800’s who sailed around the world  with canvas sail and wooden ship droppin anchor in Knockanelder bay !  I would like to show a few clips of agri. contractors and others that I rub shoulders with every day when I am around the farms! don’t know if I can achieve this all while lambing sheep but will give it a go so keep your eye on us to see how things develop  subscribe to the videos, thumbs up or down and get notification when another release is uploaded ! see ye soon !  … Ivan