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Santer Series Programme 2

Wed. 25th. September 2013    Santer series   @ 7.30 pm on BBC2 ….  will feature the band Woodworm they were  filmed at a local farm, in an old barn,  Low Country Boys were filmed here as well and that will be aired on episode 5 …  the Wed. 16 th. of October BBC2 @ 7.30 pm

I think Gibson appears through the series in the  “”Old Sayings”” part!

SANTER ON WED. 11th Sep 2013

session @ Carriage Rooms Ballinahinch

 This session was recorded in the Carriage Rooms at Ballinahinch and is on air this wed. evening  11sept. 2013 at 7pm. on BBC2

click on the link below and you will see clips!

The New Series starts on wed. 18th sept.@ 7.30pm. … Low Country Boys feature in one of them.