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Recording a new song

I was in the recording studio putting down a new song the other evening .. I will upload a clip when I get it finished .. in a week or two hopefully! .. as I was going to the studio J.D. Townley ( Cleet and co.) were sowin maze .. they were still going when I got back!

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Titanic Commemoration 100 years today

Low Country Boys Album  {No Lang Tae Go}  has a little six page booklet in the CD jewel case it features old photos , stories and snippets of information  this is the fifth page …  I was trimming hedges on a wee farm in the locality when I stumbled on the story of Mr. Frost  the farm owner was a relative of the above Mr.Frost. Double CLICK on the photo to read

Newtownards Elim Church

Sunday Night Service @ Newtownards Elim Church. Sorry folks that there is no photo of the congregation but I did not have the camera on the platform! IF you were trying to download tracks from  Plain An Simple Album ,I have been having some problems with this part of my site I hope to have it resolved shortly … Ivan.

Low Counytry Boys @ Newtownards Elim Church

This Suinday evening the 8th of April we will be playing at Newtownards Elim  Church ~ 6-30 pm.