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Lambing @ Glastry on BBC Radio ulster

Here is the link to BBC radio Ulster Kintra  you will be asked to log in there is no charge, click on it to visit the lambing shed!

Lcb’s With Portavogie Pipe Band

Portavogie Pipe Band

We were guests at  the Portavogie Community Centre along with the Portavogie Pipe Band …   The sound quality is poor as it just used the camcorder michrophone … but I did not know that it had been recorded … just stumbled on it while looking at thed P/P/B. WEB site. .. click the link

Robins Readings ..

Low Country Boys did the backing music for this story ……. click this link to listen ~

Low Country Boys on BBC2 TV. Santer series

 We took part in the bbc2 Santer  programme … here it is… click on the link


Tommy’s loft