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Lambing @ Glastry on BBC Radio ulster

Here is the link to BBC radio Ulster Kintra  you will be asked to log in there is no charge, click on it to visit the lambing shed!

BBC Radio Ulster …Lambing @ Glastry

We did a wee interview with (Kintra) in the lambing shed …it will be broadcast on radio Ulster 31st March at 6 pm. and on Wed 3rd. of April at 7.30pm. ….  Low Country Boys are taking the service @ Glastry Methodist Church this Sunday 31st @ 6.45pm.

New album 2019 ~ On the road again !

Latest Low Country Boys  album has just gone on line to buy  .. it has not reached the shops yet .. !  click on this link to buy

Faith & Fishing ~ BBC1, Mon. 29th, Jan 2018 @ 10. 40 pm

I was asked to take part in this wee programme … and do some of the background music  as well … Hope it turns out ok !

it will be repeated on Tuesday night as well, at 10 pm { on BBC2 }